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Personal Egg Banking

More and more women are choosing to delay childbearing until later in life for many reasons: to complete their education, enjoy early career success, travel, find the right partner, achieve a certain level of financial security and more. Unfortunately, age can affect the ability to conceive with a woman’s own eggs. The Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF), longtime leaders in infertility treatment, offers the choice to protect and preserve your future fertility: Personal Egg Banking.

Recent scientific advances for freezing eggs (vitrification) and thawing for later use have become the standard of care for women that are appropriate candidates. Personal Egg Banking essentially allows you to be your own future “egg donor.” You may have heard about “egg freezing” or “egg banking” recently and you may have questions. Here‘s your chance to educate yourself on this new and exciting option for increasing your chances to have a biological child on your own schedule.

Now is your chance to learn the facts for yourself. Our video addresses:

  • What is the science behind Personal Egg Banking?
  • Who is a good candidate?
  • Why consider Personal Egg Banking?
  • How does the egg banking cycle work?
  • What are the success rates?
  • What are the risks?