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Patient Testimonials

Since 1984, the Genetics & IVF Institute has been privileged to help thousands of patients start thier families, both locally and from around the world. We are delighted to share here just a few of the stories and comments from our patients as told in their own words.

The comments below, with or without specific identifiers, have been used only with the authorization of the respective patients. Patient confidentiality at GIVF is absolute, and none of this information could have been shared without their generous written approval.

IVF patient Vivian describes her journey from initial appointment through IVF treatment at GIVF.

LBGT IVF patient Lucinda and her spouse Brunilda discuss their experience at GIVF.

“GIVF’s customer service standards remain unparalleled.   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

GIVF Patient

"You can't begin to imagine the change you have made in our lives. My husband and I tried for 10 years to conceive a baby. I went through three years of operations, shots, hormones, tests, and one failed previous IVF at another institution. We decided to try one more time. …Doctors in Pittsburgh said that I was not eligible for IVF because of my age. We were despondent. Then a nurse referred us to GIVF. When I became pregnant with the first try we were afraid to get excited. I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy. My husband I think is still in shock. He still cries when he looks at his son. ….I kneel down every night and thank God for my miracle baby.

God bless you GIVF!"

Sandi S.


"For me and my husband, but especially for me, the Institute was a personal, welcoming, straight forward place. Our doctor was direct and easy to understand….The nurses were fabulous. They really remembered us from one visit to the next. ….For me the Institute set the standard of great medical care delivered by a professional, caring staff."

Andrea A.


"After years of trying to conceive with fertility drugs and several failed IVFs, I learned I had a condition called diminishing ovarian reserve. I began doing some research on the internet and came across GIVF. Never giving up hope I began to learn about donor eggs. I called Genetics & IVF and was shocked on how fast we could get an appointment. The first time dealing with infertility I felt like someone cared and I was not just a number being pushed through a clinic. Much to our surprise we were matched very quickly .Our initial visit was in July and in September we were doing the transfer. Several weeks later we found out that we were pregnant and about a month later we found out that it was twins. What really impacted us was the sincerity of your staff. Our calls were returned promptly and we were never rushed off the phone. ….

I cannot thank your staff enough for help conceiving our little miracles.
We plan on using GIVF again in several years to try to expand our family."

Kristen J.


"Infertility brings a pain and longing that is extremely difficult to put into words. …GIVF gave us the hope and support we needed to proceed at every step during the process. Everyone was compassionate to our struggle and rejoiced with us when we were finally successful! It is a very special place. Thank you GIVF for our son Charlie, who was born on Mother's Day."

Andrea B.


"One of the hardest things that my husband and I have had to face as a couple was the challenge of infertility. We wanted a baby more than anything in the world. We feel so fortunate that we were referred to GIVF, because with their help we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The doctors and staff were very professional and compassionate to our situation. Living in a place as large as the D.C. metropolitan area, it is often difficult to find doctors who can give you personalized care. Even though the doctors at GIVF help so many couples every year, they still some how manage to make their patients feel like more than just a number."

Lisa B.

"As a psychiatrist, former infertility patient and author on the subject, I am keenly aware of the special care that the professionals at GIVF take with their patients. The expertise and kindness they extended to my husband and I helped us achieve the blessing of our child."

Roxanne D., M.D.


"The staff and doctors at Genetics & IVF were great - caring, professional and very knowledgeable. I always felt that I was being given the best information at GIVF. I was told the truth and given advice that was in my best interest. I never felt as if the staff at GIVF were only interested in statistics, or just dollars and cents. They worked with me to develop the course of action best for me. And it worked! …"



"The Genetics & IVF Institute has saved my life! I had lost my only child …… and truly did not want to go on. My only hope was to have another child to love and raise I was unfortunately too old to conceive. The Institute found a wonderful egg donor whose profile was very much like my daughters. …. My husband's sperm also was abnormal. ….However, using technology developed at GIVF produced 10 embryos. … Not only was there a successful pregnancy; there were twins. ….I couldn't ask for more wonderful children.

As a physician, what impressed me most was not the avant-garde technology nor the clinical facilities. I will always carry away the compassion, concern and the human kindness of all the personnel at GIVF."

C.A., M.D.
New York.

"Genetics & IVF gave us the chance to balance our family with a long awaited girl, who has two older brothers. We were impressed with the meticulous, thorough and professional way GIVF operates. They do their research, provide quality care, and hold themselves to high standards. …I would recommend them highly to any couple having infertility issues or to any family wanting to balance their family at the same time. Our child emerged safe, healthy, normal, and we couldn't imagine our lives without her!"

M. Howard
GIVF Patient

"Every staff member, from the front desk, nursing, techs, doctors, made you feel welcome and special. They always took the time to answer questions. I never felt like a number. Due to the technology at your clinic, we are the proud parents of a healthy beautiful baby girl. Thank you for everything."


"My husband …..and I were struggling with "unexplained" infertility for 2 years prior to discovering the Genetics & IVF Institute. ….From the moment we walked into the Fairfax facility, we knew we were where we needed to be and our faith was renewed. … Within a matter of weeks, we were starting the process and we conceived during our first cycle… The staff was courteous, caring, and attentive all the way through. I remember being "flabbergasted" when I received a call from the office asking if I had any questions with regard to billing or the procedures. What customer service!

We now have a beautiful little girl, Amelia, who was born on September 15, 2003. She is the most precious gift and I am thankful every day for the experience that we had at GIVF. We tell people about our experience with GIVF with every opportunity and we look forward to telling Amelia the story of how she came to be."

Trista C.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve a life long dream of mine…a healthy beautiful baby girl My mom and I are best friends as were my mother and her mom… We all had and have such an amazing bond and I feel so fortunate to be blessed with a sweet baby daughter!! Everyone was so wonderful and understanding, helpful and encouraging … The doctors, nurses and entire staff couldn't have been more helpful. Again, my heartfelt thanks for making a dream come true."


"We wouldn't have our family if it wasn't for GIVF. You made our dreams come true. What we feel has set GIVF apart from others is the care, concern and dedication we saw from everyone there. …"

Patricia B.

"It is actually hard to put into words what the Institute has meant to me (as well as my family). Without all of the professionals there, my son would not be with us; and how can anyone describe the joy of having a baby. Although I had unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant through certain procedures, the nurses and physicians helped to make my roller coaster emotions more bearable. It felt as if they were on this journey with me and they also wanted to see my dream of having another child become a reality. I have had the experience of going to another infertility clinic in another state and your staff treated me with understanding and respect that I did not find before."


"Until our children were born, we never knew such a depth of love. They are the absolute joys of our lives. The GIVF staff was very supportive and compassionate during all of our trials and tribulations. We thank God for GIVF. Without this amazing institution we simply would not have our children.

We also referred friends from York (PA). They conceived two singleton pregnancies, both on their first IVF attempts!"

Stephanie K.

"After 5 years of trying to conceive a sibling for our daughter, we turned to IVF treatment. We were very lucky to be successful on our first attempt and were blessed with our son, Joshua. All of the staff at Genetics & IVF were extremely professional and friendly. I could always rely on the nurses to return my calls when I had questions. Genetics & IVF Institute helped us to complete our family."

Petra H.

"After 17 years of infertility, my unfailing determination and your Institute's expertise and advancements, I am blessed with two wonderful and healthy little boys…Throughout the years of attempting IVF, I have had two ectopic pregnancies and one miscarriage. In addition, my husband's sperm was not able to penetrate the eggs. …I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the doctors and staff at your Institute for their hard work and brilliant advancements! Without your dedication and expertise, I would have never experienced motherhood. "

Kim L.

"…when we saw an article in Parents magazine we knew it was an opportunity to have the little girl we dreamed of. … GIVF has some awesome technology and we only had to try one time. We were handled with professional caring and kindness at every level."…

Andrea C.
New York

"With the help of GIVF, we were able to protect our children from a potentially debilitating gene. What a blessing…. We will be forever grateful."


"The donor egg program was extremely successful for us with our daughter born from fresh embryos and our twins from thawed embryos. We now have a wonderful family! It wouldn't have been possible without GIVF"


"You made possible the most incredible and wonderful daughter for what was then a very difficult case on both the male and female side. Thank you for working with us and enriching many, many lives."

A. L.
Washington, D. C.

"My husband and I are fond of joking that we suffered not from secondary infertility, but "tertiary infertility" as we already had two fine sons..… We felt like we had something to bring to a parenting and wanted to do more of it. Besides, my oldest son…. was asking us, "Mommy and Daddy , I really want a baby sister!...Thank you Genetics & IVF for making our family dreams come true"

Susan F.

"My husband got a vasectomy during his first marriage and without the Institute we would not have been able to have a child of our own. Our son is now 5 years old and truly a blessing…."


"Thanks to the Institute I (we) have our family. Staff was always helpful and tried their best to offer support even though I live in New York and all was handled over the phone. …I will always remember them in my prayers."

New York

"After our first child died from spinal muscular atrophy, my husband and I knew that we could not go through that heartache again. A year following her death, we were very fortunate to have read a short article in the Families of SMA publication concerning pre-implantation genetic testing. The article brought us to the Genetics & IVF Institute, giving us a chance to have a child without spinal muscular atrophy. At the Institute, we met the dedicated doctors and well-trained nurses and staff members. It is because of their knowledge and expertise that we now have twin girls, now 6 years old, both born without spinal muscular atrophy!

We will always be grateful for the doctors and scientists at the Genetics & IVF Institute. They helped to give us a miracle."

Diane W.

"I will be forever grateful to GIVF for my beautiful daughter who will be 5 years old in August. I came to you after 2 years of treatments at another physician including 3 rounds of IVF. … I gave birth when I was 40 and because of you, received the most precious gift of all."

F. A.

"The Institute was able to identify the condition that was causing my miscarriages, and to quickly begin on a program to help me stay pregnant. We were very fortunate that I successfully carried our child. He is now a very happy almost eleven year old. We feel very fortunate to have our second child. The Genetics & IVF Institute helped to make it possible."

Jane T.

"Every day my husband and I are forever grateful to the Institute for our two wonderful boys. Without all the doctors and caregivers at the Institute, who were always extremely professional and kind, we would not have our family. They made the impossible - possible. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts."


"I met my future husband when I was 44 and we both deeply wanted children. ….But the NJ program had a year long waiting list for egg donors and the NYC program was in disarray and essentially suspended. … (at) GIVF in Virginia, where there was no wait. …. So I gave birth to two glorious children at the ages of 47 and 49! ( Sometime after my son was born and I was near the end of my term with my daughter, the NYC program, called to tell me that their donor egg program was back in action and was I still interested. I was delighted to tell them no thanks. I already had the children I want, thanks to GIVF.) …..I just smile when people tell me how much they look like me. ….When people talk about it being unethical for older women to bear children, or to "buy" other women's eggs, or any other issues it's popular to pick at, I just look at my fantastic family and feel so extremely grateful that these blessings were possible."

New York

"Without GIVF, I wouldn't have the beautiful family I have today. Your donor program was a Godsend. It made my dream of having kids a reality. Everyone on your staff was very supportive. Thanks for everything! Keep up the great work of making dreams come true."


"The doctors and nursing staff at Genetics (& IVF) made it possible for us to have children after six years of trying and failing. We owe them a debt of gratitude we can never repay."

Patricia B.

"For seven years my husband and I tried to have a child. …We went to Genetics [& IVF], scared that once more we would be disappointed. But, we thought that they were the experts and if anyone could get us pregnant it would be them. …All the doctors and staff are amazing. You are a person to them and the baby you conceive is as much theirs as it is yours. I don't know if I could have done it without their support.

Thank you Genetics & IVF for two beautiful little girls you helped me to conceive. They are my husband's and my world. Thank you so much."

Margaret W.

"My husband and I would like to thank the team if doctors and nurses that took such good care of us throughout the IVF process even though our chances of success were slim. We were informed on Christmas morning I was pregnant"

Kathryn P.

"I chose GIVF for my biggest shot at having children (which I very much wanted!) and ended up with the two children I am absolutely supposed to have. …GIVF worked beautifully for me - It is where my children were waiting."

North Carolina

"I was extremely happy with the service and care that I received at GIVF. Staff were caring, sensitive and competent. In my case, I went straight to using IVF after experiencing a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Our first attempt at IVF was successful and we have a beautiful, perfectly healthy son now."

T. G.

"We are forever grateful for what your Institute has given to our lives and family. Words could never express the feeling of joy and relief when you finally see those little embryos come to life in the world with us!"


"The staff of GIVF has provided invaluable support and encouragement, through corrective surgery, IUI and IVF cycles, and a pregnancy loss…... I am now very happily almost five months pregnant and I will always be grateful to GIVF."

Vostina D.